Loyalty, the hotel groups' challenge

  • What makes a loyalty programme successful?
  • How to ensure a consistent customer experience across a portfolio of brands and properties?
  • How to involve staff in the loyalty strategy?
  • And what about profitability?

For hotel groups, loyalty is one of the most difficult marketing strategies to implement. This is because it involves both the hotel group's headquarters and the dozens or perhaps hundreds of properties in the group.

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But above all because it faces real customer volatility, capable of switching from one brand to another at the snap of a finger.

However, according to Kalibri Labs, 40 to 60% of hotel room reservations come from loyal members. So, how can loyalty be turned into a major lever of additional revenue for hotel groups?
Find our answers in this white paper and discover :
  • The factors that influence customer loyalty, with statistics and examples
  • Tips on how to ensure a consistent customer experience from one property to the next
  • How to engage your staff in your loyalty strategy
  • A list of metrics to be alert to in order to remain profitable

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